Friday, April 6, 2012

South Korea, U.S. held joint drill for internal war in North Korea

SEOUL (Kyodo) -- South Korea and the United States held a joint drill last month, aimed at stabilizing North Korea after an internal war occurs due to conflicts among military factions, a local newspaper reported Friday, citing a South Korean government source.

The drill, carried out during the two countries' annual Key Resolve drills, involved a plan to move more than 100,000 South Korean troops into North Korea to bring under control a situation that poses a great threat to South Korea, the Chosun Ilbo said.

''A drill was held for the first time on an emergency in North Korea during the Key Resolve exercises last year, but it was the first time that a drill actually mobilizing South Korean troops was held,'' the source was quoted as saying.

The drill was held after top leaders of the two countries shared a belief that North Korea under its new leader Kim Jong Un is ''still unstable and the worst situation may happen,'' the source added.

South Korea and the United States held the Key Resolve exercises for two weeks from Feb. 27. Source