Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sergio Pinex, 18, moved away from Chicago to start new life is gunned down over SNEAKERS

A teenager who moved to a new town to start a fresh life has been gunned down after refusing to hand over his sneakers to an armed robber.

Sergio Pinex, 18, recently moved from Chicago, Illinois, to Gary, Indiana, to try and turn his life around.

But on Thursday the handyman was shot in the street after returning home having gone shopping with a friend.

Police said two cars pulled up next to them and stopped. A man with a gun got out and demanded money and their shoes.

The victim’s grandmother Frances Pinex said: 'It was the other guy's shoes.

'They took the shoes off the other guy and he didn't have no money on him, I don't know if they took his wallet or not, but he refused to get down when they told him to get down.

'It's so hard, so hard to believe that he's gone.' Read More