Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Second World War airbrushed from European history at a £44m museum... As Spain teeters on the brink, eurocrats are spending like never before

** £7m TV propaganda channel in 22 languages
** £18m visitor centre
** £44m museum

One thing that symbolises the European elite’s sense of delusion as they cling to the dream of an unviable single currency is the grandiose decision to build a House Of European History.

At a cost of £44 million, eurocrats have invested in this project, which is intended to promote ‘an awareness of European identity’.

There is one problem, though. The governments of the EU countries are unable to agree over fundamental aspects of the showcase museum in Brussels.

They have been arguing, for example, over diverging interpretations of events such as World War II — which EU enthusiasts risibly call the ‘European Civil War’.

Farcically, it’s been decided to omit any exhibit on which agreement cannot be reached.

And because of their differing views about World War II, the museum will begin with an EU ‘year zero’ of 1946.

Martin Callanan, the European Conservatives’ group leader in Brussels, has highlighted the madness of such a narcissistic project — particularly when Europe is in a deep economic crisis.

‘The European Parliament should not be in the business of running museums,’ he says. ‘Even in good times, the money would be a waste, but during these hard times it is scandalous. Read More