Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Petty Officer Third Class Chase Speed: Medic Got Shot Through Hip In a Firefight And Just Kept Saving Lives

"We knew our position was about to get attacked."
Petty Officer Third Class Chase Speed's role as a Corpsman — the title given to a combat medic serving with U.S. Marine Corps or Navy units — grants him the colloquial moniker of "Doc".

It's also clear that Speed is part of a battle-tested brotherhood with the Marines he serves alongside and watches out for.

But he'd have no idea that it would be him getting medevac'd that day last year after being wounded in a firefight that showed the strength of his character, and his commitment to "my Marines."

A helicopter had inserted Speed's platoon right into a "hot bed for insurgent activity," said Sgt. James Mercure reporting for the Marine Corps.

The village of Jahazi in Helmand province has been known for its "desolate and lawless conditions" where Taliban keep a keen eye on people going through the small town.

Insurgents have previously set up check points to "tax" travelers and their goods. Lance Cpl. Clayton Vonderahe of Regimental Combat Team 8 reported last year that all the bazaars in the area were empty before Marines began patrolling to put an end to the check points and open up the roads. Read More