Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Overuse of Smartphones Linked to Neck, Back Problems

With the growing number of smartphone users, it has now become commonplace to see commuters using them on the subway. However, overuse can potentially lead to the development of neck, shoulder and back issues due to postural problems, a survey suggests.

A recent study conducted by Go Do-il Clinic found that 26 percent of sedentary passengers on Seoul subway line No. 2, one of the busiest lines, or 113 out of 420 people, used smart devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs while on the move. Around 25.5 percent, or 107, dozed off, while 21. 9 percent, or 92, did nothing during their journey.

Of the subway passengers in the survey, 7.4 percent engaged in conversation with their fellow passengers, 6.2 percent chatted on the phone, 5.9 percent listened to music, 3.3 percent read books and 2.9 percent read newspapers. Read More