Monday, April 30, 2012

One in three households forced to choose between 'meals and wheels' after petrol costs soar

Soaring petrol prices and rail fares have plunged 8.2million households into ‘transport poverty’, figures reveal.

This means they spend more than 10 per cent of their income on transport costs such as fuel, fares and vehicle maintenance.

Campaigners say it has left many vulnerable people so short of cash they have to choose between ‘meals and wheels’, with more than a third of all households having to cut back on other spending to afford travel. Read More


Five million families are being over-charged for gas and electricity by up to £330 a year, according to a study.

The ‘Big Six’ firms are punishing loyal customers with higher tariffs in order to subsidise cheap deals for new households.

And a lack of competition means they are failing to achieve efficiency savings that could be passed on in lower prices, says the Institute for Public Policy Research.

The IPPR said regulator Ofgem needed to be tougher on British Gas, Scottish & Southern, Npower, EDF, Eon and Scottish Power.

‘The Big Six energy companies are continuing to overcharge,’ it added