Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nothing in Washington Is Worth Your Money, Including the "think-tanks"

The Washington Beltway is a war zone. It is the battleground over what the United States government does and what it does not do. It does a great deal.

Conservatives send tens of millions of dollars each year to Beltway resistance organizations. Some of them are called think tanks. They are dedicated mainly to getting the federal government to do other things, or else to do evil things without spending as much money. These organizations promote this idea: "Running government like a business." Whenever you hear this, think of a serious business: Cosa Nostra.

I am going to show you a simple technique to keep from wasting your money by donating it to an ineffective Beltway resistance organization. Go to its Website and read half a dozen of its press releases. See if the outfit has links to newspapers that published the release. If there are none, then the press release was useless as an opinion-changer. It was useful only as a fund-raiser.

This is the key fact that one one has told you: Most press releases are written in order to raise funds from politically naive donors. Read More