Sunday, April 15, 2012

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Calls For 'Final Victory'

North Korea's new leader has spoken publicly for the first time at a celebration marking the 100th birthday of his grandfather.

State TV showed Kim Jong-Un talking monotonously to tens of thousands gathered in Pyongyang's main square for meticulously choreographed festivities.

The twenty-something leader hailed the country's "revolutionary armed forces" and said: "Let us move forward to final victory."

"I offer the purest respect and the greatest honour to great comrades Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong Il," he added, referring to his grandfather and recently deceased father.

Footage showed the leader clad in black as he read his speech, rarely raising his eyes to look at his audience.

The speech was unexpected after many years of silence from his father when he presided over such events. Read More