Tuesday, April 17, 2012

North Korea farming collapse: Workers so malnourished, some average 4 feet in height; the rest, lacking education, are destabilizing society

North Korea’s agricultural sector has been in serious decline for years. Among the reasons commonly cited are a lack of fuel and parts for machinery and poor weather conditions. However, the country also suffers a shortage of able farm workers in rural areas. Not only that; those young adults who are working the farms have been stunted by years of undernourishment.

A North Hamkyung Province source told Daily NK today about comments he heard in conversation with a farm manager in recent weeks. According to the man, “It is not something new that only the elderly and infirm are left in the rural areas of North Korea, but it is annoying that in recent years those young adults designated to work here have not only decreased in number but also do not even work properly.”

“At this time people are needed to sow seeds, organize the rice fields and plow; however, because people are mandatorily dispatched to workplaces they just spend their time doing as little as possible and can even be a headache because they steal corn,” he went on. Read More