Sunday, April 22, 2012

Neil Heywood: Chinese censors try to silence U.S. website behind ex-pat murder revelations with crippling cyber attack

Chinese government hackers are believed to be behind a crippling cyber attack on a US-based website that revealed how British businessman Neil Heywood was killed with cyanide on the orders of the wife of a Communist Party leader.

The Boxun website, run by Chinese dissidents, first reported that Mr Heywood was killed in his hotel room after agreeing to syphon almost £1 billion out of the country for Gu Kailai, the wife of rising Communist leader Bo Xilai.

The website said Old Harrovian Mr Heywood was killed after he asked for a bigger cut and threatened to expose Mrs Gu if his demands were not met.

The cyber attack on Boxun paralysed the website for hours on Friday, forcing it to find another internet hosting service to get back online.

The manager of the North Carolina-based site said Boxun had become a victim of a ‘denial of service’ attack, with hackers bombarding it with millions of requests per minute, causing it to crash. Read More