Friday, April 13, 2012

Murder hunt launched after two coast guards are shot dead on island off the coast of Alaska

A murder hunt was launched today after two coast guards were gunned down on an island off the coast of Alaska.

The victims' bodies were found at their work station inside the Kodiak Island Coast Guard office by a colleague early this morning.

Police and FBI are scouring the island for the mystery assassin who they believe struck between 7am and 8am, shortly after the victims arrived for work.

Coast Guard spokewoman Sara Francis said the rest of the roughly 60 enlisted personnel and civilians working at the station have been accounted for.

Capt. Jesse Moore, commanding officer of the Coast Guard base on Kodiak, said the shootings likely occurred sometime between 7 and 8 a.m., soon after the two victims arrived for work inside one of the communication station buildings.

The captain said he was not aware of any threats or anything else that might have indicated problems at the station. The station is equipped with security cameras, but it was not yet known if they captured any evidence, he said. Read More