Monday, April 16, 2012

Midwest Tornadoes: Three children and two adults dead and dozens injured as 120 tornadoes touched down leaving entire towns torn apart

Three young girls and two adults have died after tornadoes ripped through an Oklahoma town earlier today in an outbreak of twisters that swept through the Midwest and Plains states.

Frank Hobbie was killed with his daughters, aged five and seven, when the storm hit the trailer park where they lived in the town of Woodward, while Darren Juul died at his home nearby alongside his ten-year-old daughter.

At the storm's height, tornadoes popped up faster than they could be tallied. The National Weather Service had received at least 122 reports of tornadoes touching down in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa.

The killer weather hit the northwest town of Woodward, Roscoe Hill, and battered buildings including houses, a hospital, a jail, an Air Force base and other buildings around the region, officials said.The Mayor said that many residents were caught unaware after storm sirens failed to sound.

Woodward suffered the worst of the destruction from the storms, which also struck in Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. Woodward City Manager Alan Riffel said 89 homes and 13 businesses were destroyed, and bloodied survivors in the 12,000-resident town emerged to find flipped cars and smashed trailers.

Sheriff's office dispatcher Matt Jones confirmed that two people were dead but said he did not have immediate details. He says the tornado hit part of west Woodward and the nearby town of Tangier. Read More