Thursday, April 12, 2012

Met Denies Anti-Terrorism Hotline Hacked

Scotland Yard has denied its computer systems were hacked after a recording emerged of a confidential phone discussion between counter-terrorism officers.

Activists from the Teampoison hacker collective claimed they were able to breach security and make the recording, which was posted on YouTube a few hours later.

It appears to be a recording of officers discussing an earlier attack by Teampoison members.

This earlier attack involved the counter-terrorism hotline being bombarded with prank calls allegedly launched by Teampoison computers.

But a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) said: "We are confident the MPS communication systems have not been breached and remain, as they always have been, secure.

"We are satisfied that any recording would have been made via the receiving handset only and not from an attack on internal systems.

"The public can remain confident in the ability to communicate in confidence and that the integrity of the Anti-Terrorist Hotline remains in place." Read More