Friday, April 13, 2012

Lee Wildman a £2m antiques heist suspect again after mistakenly FREEING him following arrest

A suspect wanted over a £2million heist had been held in custody – but was released on bail after confusion between police and prosecutors, it has emerged.

Lee Wildman, 35, was arrested and questioned by detectives investigating the theft of precious artefacts from a museum on Thursday, last week.

But he was bailed on Monday after the Crown Prosecution Service apparently decided there was not enough evidence to bring a charge.

Police were unable to find him the next day when they decided to re-arrest him for further questioning.

Detective and prosecutors are now trying to pointing the finger at each other over who made the decision to free Mr Wildman.

A Durham Police spokesman said that they were under pressure because 'we are governed by legislation as to how long we can hold people without charge', adding: 'at the time we were both working exceptionally hard to secure justice in challenging, fast moving conditions.'

Detective Superintendent Adrian Green told the Mirror: ‘He has been arrested, he has been interviewed, he has been bailed and now we wish to interview him again.' Read More