Saturday, April 28, 2012

Koalas put on danger list as numbers in the wild plunge to fewer than 80,000 a Drop of 75% since 1993

Koalas are set to be listed as a threatened species after a plunge in the wild population.

Some studies suggest there are fewer than 80,000 left, and research near Sydney shows numbers have fallen 75 per cent since 1993.

They are suffering from habitat destruction and climate change, and many carry chlamydia, which has been blamed for a drop in their fertility.

Australian environment minister Tony Burke is expected to list koalas in south-east Queensland as ‘endangered’ and those in east New South Wales as ‘vulnerable’, according to local media reports.

This means restrictions would be placed on mining projects, logging operations and housing developments in their habitats in these areas.

But environmental groups say such restrictions do not go far enough, and should cover a wider area. Read More