Friday, April 27, 2012

Killer Bees Swarming Into Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY - Putnam City High School's baseball fields were shut down Wednesday after a swarm of bees attacked the grounds crew. The school says the fields are safe tonight, experts warn Oklahoma residents not to let our guards down this summer.

Don't mess with a bee and it won't bother you, right? Experts at Oklahoma State University say that's usually true, unless you run into a swarm of "Africanized Honeybees" also known as "Killer Bees". They look almost identical to a regular honeybee, but experts say they're slightly smaller than their European cousins.

It's true their stings can be deadly in high doses, but experts say the killer bees venom is not any stronger than the average European honeybee; it's their method of attack that's six times more aggressive than a regular honeybee swarm. Read More