Sunday, April 8, 2012

Karen Matthews Threats being Taken Seriously as Vigilantes Vow to Hunt the disgusting excuse of a human being down

Vigilantes are vowing to hunt down Karen Matthews in an online hate campaign after she was released from prison this week.

Websites have been bombarded with threats made against the 36-year-old who was nicknamed 'Britain's worst mother' after she hatched a plot to abduct her nine-year-old daughter Shannon in an attempt to claim £50,000.

Police are monitoring threats of revenge being made on websites including Twitter and Facebook against Matthews, who is believed to have gone a diet to change her appearance.

She served just half of an eight-year jail sentence.

One tweeter calling himself 7nightstorock wrote: 'I will happily shoot her in the head for a packet of tooty fruities.'

Another called Lauren Ireland said: 'Find it disgusting that people like Karen Matthews expect a new identity - they deserve all they get from vigilantes.'

While someone else wrote: 'Karen Matthews sentenced to eight years for having her child kidnapped released after four years. What a joke our criminal Justice system is.' Read More