Monday, April 30, 2012

Kangaroo found dead in trolley 'was tortured'

A HORRIFIC attack on a kangaroo in Bendigo at the weekend has left local residents in fear. It is believed the kangaroo was struck by a car before being placed in a trolley and pushed down a staircase about 10.30pm on Friday.

Police are investigating the shocking incident after the kangaroo's body was found in the trolley in the Lyttleton Terrace Coles car park.

Jo Lyall, co-founder of Wildlife Rescue Emergency Service (WRES), said an autopsy showed the marsupial may also have been tortured with a knife.

"There's a huge amount of concern," Ms Lyall said.

"If it's a kangaroo this week, what is it next week?

"If these people are doing this to an animal, what if it's a young kid walking through the car park or the streets of Bendigo?"

Ms Lyall said a number of people gathered at the car park on Saturday night to demand the installation of security cameras.

WRES has a 24-hour phone hotline, but mostly deals with animals wounded by cars. Read More