Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Japanese green tea leaves sample with low radioactivity levels Detected

Hong Kong (HKSAR) - A green tea leaves sample, imported from Japan and collected from a local retail outlet during surveillance, has been found to have low radioactivity levels, a spokesman for the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department said today (April 3). However, there is no health concern in consuming the product concerned.

Product details are as follows:

Product name: Tokan Maruko Yabuk Ta Ban Cha (Green Tea)
Manufacturer: Ochano Maruko Co Ltd
Place of origin: Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Packing size: 400 grams
Best before date: July 29, 2012

"The green tea leaves sample was collected from a local supermarket for radiation testing under the regular Food Surveillance Programme last Wednesday (March 28)," the CFS spokesman said.

"The test result showed that low levels of radioactive substances, Caesium-134 (Cs-134) and Caesium-137 (Cs-137), were detected at 11 Bq/kg and 19 Bq/kg respectively. However, the detected levels did not exceed the guideline levels of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (i.e.
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