Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Japan should push N. Korea to abandon missile, nuclear programs

Japan is urged to play a leading role in the international community's efforts to persuade North Korea to abandon its missile and nuclear weapons program as the U.N. Security Council (UNSC) has adopted a presidential statement condemning Pyongyang for firing a missile.

It is feared that North Korea may conduct a third nuclear test following its failure to launch a long-range ballistic missile, which its regime said was a rocket carrying an "Earth observation satellite."

The presidential statement, which was unanimously adopted at a UNSC meeting on April 16, is more strongly-worded than one issued following North Korea's previous launch of a missile in 2009. It warns North Korea that the UNSC is determined to "take action accordingly" if the country conducts a nuclear test.

The UNSC adoption of the statement came three days after the launch. In 2009, it took the council nine days to issue such a statement because the United States conflicted with China and Russia over the wording of the document. Read More