Monday, April 9, 2012

Intelligent people take less sick leave, researchers find

Intelligent people take less sick leave, according to atudy showing a "clear" link between low intellectual ability and long-term work absence.

Cognitive ability at a young age has a ''strong impact'' on whether sickness stops people from working several decades later, the researchers said.

The study involved more than 23,000 people whose cognitive behaviour was measured in either 1946, 1958 or 1970.

In the 1946 group, 47 per cent of those who were on long-term sick leave had been in the bottom quarter of childhood ability, compared to 13 per cent who were in the highest category.

Some 41 per cent of those off sick from the 1958 cohort were in the lowest quartile of ability, while 32 per cent of the 1970 interviewees were also in this category. Read More