Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ian Thomas Bell named as Missing Boy after River Fall

Police have named an eight-year-old boy who is believed to have fallen into a swollen river while playing with friends near Willington, in County Durham as Ian Thomas Bell.

The boy, from Sunnybrow, is understood to have fallen into the River Wear, near Willington, in County Durham, around 7pm on Friday.

Emergency services scoured the area after the alarm was raised, with the RAF and a mountain rescue team continuing the search overnight.

A Durham Police spokesman said: "A specialist underwater search and rescue team is also assisting with the search".

Janice Larnach, the owner of the Brown Trout pub, near to where the boy is believed to have fallen in the river, said the area had experienced heavy rainfall.

She said the boy had not yet been found, although she believed his bicycle had been discovered on the river bank. Read More