Sunday, April 8, 2012

Foreign jobseekers with criminal convictions could become teachers or police officers in Britain...Thanks to the EU

Migrants with criminal convictions will be allowed to apply for jobs which Britons with similar records have no hope of getting under a new regime which will be introduced this month.

Britain has signed up to a trial of the European Criminal Records Information System - a new system which will share criminal records between EU countries.

Britain's Criminal Records Bureau though is so extensive that even convictions classed as 'spent' remain on file for life.

But in other countries such as Belgium and Germany, records are destroyed after just three years.

Some even have laws that prevent employers being told about spent or minor convictions and in Holland, fines of under 100 euro for minor crimes are not treated as crimes at all.

But in Britain, minor convictions for silly pranks that has
in fines can stop people getting jobs years later especially in professions like teaching or the police service. Read More