Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Enrique Elizondo Flores videotaped himself dancing in the street to reggae music as he cut off fingers of victims

A ruthless member of one of Mexico's most notorious drug gangs enjoyed bloodshed so much that he recorded himself mutilating the bodies of his victims.

Enrique Elizondo Flores was arrested in January, when he confessed to killing at least 75 people, many of whom were travellers that he and his thugs plucked off buses.

But if the nature of his deeds wasn't twisted enough, a cell phone video purportedly shows a smiling Flores dancing to reggae music with his comrades as he slices the ears and fingers off several victims.

According to the Reforma newspaper, the video also shows a bag of human fingers and the ears of the victims.

The Reforma reported that on the night of his January 20 arrest, Flores, aka 'El Arabe' (The Arab) and 'El Cuervo' (The Raven), was in a bar bragging about the atrocities he committed as a member of the infamous Zetas drug cartel. Read More