Saturday, April 21, 2012

Deport Qatada and we'll bomb UK, warn militants: Fanatics in Somalia send a chilling warning to the Government

An Islamist terror group has threatened to launch a wave of attacks against Britain if Abu Qatada is deported.

Al-Shabab militants, who are based in Somalia, say they will plunge Britain into ‘disaster’.

Last week Al Qaeda warned it would open ‘the gates of evil’ if the hate cleric was sent back to Jordan for trial.

On an internet forum used by militants, Al-Shabab said: ‘The British public is forewarned that it will be the British government, as a result of its imprudence, that shall be liable for any disaster that befalls them, or their national interests.’

The message was discovered by the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors online activity from terrorist groups. Read More