Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dejon Miller a Personal trainer who dubbed himself 'Danger' used Craigslist to find women for model shoots… and then ‘tortured them'

A personal trainer who called himself 'Danger' has been accused of using Craigslist to stalk women and 'torture' them.

Dejon Miller, 35, from Hollywood, allegedly used the advertising website to recruit female models to pose for his fitness website.

But when they responded he would verbally abuse them and beat them, it is claimed.

Miller, from Los Angeles, was arrested on Wednesday after his girlfriend went to police claiming he had beaten her until she lost consciousness in an attack that police described as 'torture'.

'The victim actually did lose consciousness and probably was really close to actually passing away,' LAPD Det. Brandy Arzate told KTLA.com.

While he didn't give details of the abuse, he added: 'It was very unusual techniques that he would use. Something as a detective that I haven't come across before.'

His charges include attempted murder, false imprisonment and spousal abuse. His bail was set at $1.3 million. Read More