Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Danny Hembre claims he slept with prosecutor... and has second murder charge thrown out

A convicted murderer had his trial thrown out of court today after he spoke of a letter alleging a sexual relationship with the assistant district attorney.

Danny Hembree, 50, was on trial for the second of three murders he is suspected of having committed.

Hembree was sentenced to death on November 18 last year for the 2009 murder of Heather Catterton, 17, and has been held at Central Prison in Raleigh, North Carolina.

He was back in court today accused of the murder of Randi Dean Saldana, 30, who was also murdered in 2009.

During the murder trial for Miss Catterton, Hembree said he had strangled Saldana in the basement of his mother’s Gastonia, North Carolina home, but that it was an accident after a marathon of sex and crack cocaine.

Miss Saldana's burnt remains were found lying in a dirt road in Kings Mountain State Park. Hembree is also believed to have killed Deborah Ratchford, 30, whose body found in 1992. Read More