Wednesday, April 11, 2012

COMING CRISIS ALERT: Possible major earthquake event in Pacific Region, with focus around Indonesia -- April 11, 2012


There is no evidence at this time for further quake activity. We will continue monitoring the situation closely should this change.


The area of the twin 8.x quakes in Indonesia is exhibiting similar aftershock patterns which appeared in Japan during 3/11. World seismic monitors are also exhibiting a foreboding quiet, and combined with other observations and data, we have concluded that there is still a possibility a large seismic event may be on the way. We are therefore reinstating the alert for the next 48 hours.

Two 8.x quakes have struck off the coast of Indonesia, with a multitude of strong 5.x aftershocks occurring regularly every 10-15 minutes. These aftershocks are still ongoing.

There exists the possibility that the plate hasn't yet "snapped back" as in the 2004 quake and tsunami event that struck off the coast of Aceh, an event which killed thousands of people.

In addition, it is very peculiar that two 8.x quakes would strike so closely together, both time-wise and geographically. Many experts remain baffled.

For these reasons, and for the continued quake activity, we are issuing an alert for the Pacific region, in particular the Indian Ocean and Indonesian areas for the next 48 hours at minimum.


1. If you are on the coast of Indonesia near where the 8.x quakes struck, evacuate immediately. There is no telling if the plate will readjust or if there will be another massive quake. If you do not evacuate and such a quake does struck, you will not have enough time to leave the affected area in the event of a tsunami. Consider evacuating for the next 48 hours at minimum.

2. If you live on the south-eastern coast of India or or Bangladesh, consider the advice in (1).

3. Keep a radio handy for governmental emergency instructions, and keep constantly vigilant for quake and tsunami warnings.

4. In the event of being trapped in an area about to be struck by a tsunami, find a tall, strong, concrete-built structure and head to its roof and wait there. While such a structure is unsafe during an actual quake, the tsunami poses the more immediate danger between the two.