Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cold War Missile Silo Becomes Doomsday-Ready Luxury Homes

$2 million may be a small price to pay to weather the end of civilization as we know it in comfort.

Want to prepare for the end of the world in style? A Kansas developer has just the nuclear missile silo — er, make that underground luxury condo — for you.

Larry Hall has built one such abandoned Cold War-era silo in Kansas into 14 floors of plush condominium housing, replete with a pool, movie theater, library, indoor farm and — eventually — a medical center and school, AFP reported.

The hostile outside world is kept at bay with an elaborate above-ground security system involving camera, fingerprints and barbed wire.

Nine-foot-thick concrete walls protect the column of condos, and a steel and concrete core inside those protect against earthquakes.

The condos can also, of course, supply their own energy, and once the farm is operational they'll supply their own food. Read More