Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chris Newberry the Hero who saved Family from Burning house...Admits He raped and Setting10 Year old Stepdaughter on Fire

A man who claimed to be a hero after his 10-year-old stepdaughter was badly burned in an apparent house fire has been jailed - after he admitted spraying the girl with lighter fluid after raping her.

Chris Newberry, 31, had raped the girl before spraying her with the fluid and setting her on fire. She survived but suffered 60 per cent burns on her body.

Police initially believed the the fire in 2009 was accidental with Newberry posing as a hero who saved the girl and other young family members including his biological daughter, 4, from the blaze.

He even gave an interview describing the 10-year-girl's severe burns and how he pulled her from the fire.

At the time Newberry told reporters: 'She came out of her room, her hair, her face, her hands was all burnt up.'

'And her clothes were stuck to her skin,' he added looking straight at the camera.

With tears in his eyes Newberry claimed to the interviewer from KWCH eyewitness news that he pulled her from the smoke and flames.

He explained how an 'electrical unit malfunctioned' and overheated in the young girl's room causing the blaze. Read More