Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Carl Steele Britain's biggest tyre dumper ordered to pay back just £122 of £2.5m fortune and is released from prison EARLY

Mr Steele raked in an estimated £2.5 million fortune charging companies and individuals to dispose of their unwanted tyres, before dumping them at sites in Essex, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Worcestershire and Yorkshire.

His trial in November heard how he was able to undercut his competitors by dumping illegally, avoiding a 80 pence per tyre charge for legal disposal.

He pleaded guilty to six charges relating to the illegal storage and treatment of waste tyres - after a judge was told his dumping was the biggest ever amount by an individual - and was jailed for 15 months.

At the time, Judge Sean Morris told Steele: 'You have left behind a horrendous mess for other people to deal with.

'You knew throughout that you were trading illegally but you never stopped. Now you have left a trail of destruction for other people to pick up.

'I am quite satisfied that your motive was the long term prospect of making big money.

'It is important that the courts make it clear that when the Environment Agency make orders those orders are obeyed otherwise other people will be tempted to cock a snook and trade on regardless.' Read More