Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Building collapses in Moscow killing one

Image: © RIA Novosti. Vladimir Astapkovich

An illegally constructed building collapsed early on Tuesday morning in Moscow injuring 10 and leaving one dead.

The seven-story building near the Nagatinskaya Poima region in southern Moscow folded like a house of cards on the territory of the Greifer factory.

The resulting pile of debris is 10 meters high, and the total area of the collapsed building is 2,500 square meters.

“Overall, 12 construction workers were removed from under the debris, one of them died, one declined hospitalisation, and 10 were taken to a hospital,” deputy head of Moscow Emercom emergency services division, Ilya Denisov, told Interfax. “They suffered injuries from being crushed – head injuries and eye injuries. The collapsed construction was inspected, no more injured were found.” Read More