Friday, April 20, 2012

Breivik: I So Didn't Want To Kill Them

Mass killer Anders Behring Breivik has begun telling a hushed court about his inner turmoil before the massacre on Utoya island in Norway.

The 33-year-old asked families of victims and survivors to leave the room before he started describing the atrocities he committed on the island that left 69 people dead.

Breivik calmly described the events chronologically, saying on the ferry trip over to the island he was scared of what he was about to do.

After years of plotting the attacks he said his whole body was resisting putting his plan into action.

"I so didn't want to do this," he said to prosecutors in court.

"I thought about it for one minute. My whole body resisted. It felt like a year. 100 voices in my head were saying 'Stop'."

He described the "now or never" moment before taking out his pistol and starting to shoot.

The killer, who was dressed in a fake police uniform, said he shot an off-duty guard first when he was challenged about his identity.

Speaking calmly, Breivik told the court about the carnage that ensued.

He described how he went around the island using his rifle and pistol to shoot the terrified teenagers in the head.

Near the clearing on the island where the youngsters had pitched their tents he shouted "You are all going to die, Marxists." Read More