Monday, April 16, 2012

Bradley McAnulty 16th Birthday Party Trashed when 400 turned up at his house in Poole, Dorset after details appeared on Facebook

A teenager’s home was gatecrashed by 400 revellers after plans for his 16th birthday party were posted on Facebook.

Bradley McAnulty had only intended for about 30 friends to come to the bash at his family home in a residential suburb of Poole, Dorset.

But news of the event was leaked onto Facebook and via Blackberry messenger and the gathering got spectacularly out of hand when hundreds of revellers arrived.

The unruly mob smashed a window, pulled the back door off its hinges, ripped down the lounge curtains, damaged the garden fence and wrecked a children’s outdoor playhouse.

The out-of-control party spilled onto the street and horrified neighbours reported seeing youths jumping on cars, hurling beer cans and tearing up and down the road on scooters. Read More