Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bomber kicked out by the French spends 11 years in UK....Why is this terrorist living here, demands judge

A senior judge expressed his astonishment yesterday that a terrorist thrown out by the French is now living in Britain.

The Algerian was convicted of a bomb attack in his home country but fled to France before he could face trial.

A French court imposed a prison sentence and deportation order for another terror charge but when he was freed he headed straight to Britain.

Yesterday the 11-year-old case reached the Court of Appeal, where Lord Justice Ward questioned how the man could be here after being kicked out of France.

‘It may seem astonishing to many that the French courts were able to seek to exclude this appellant, but that the United Kingdom may be obliged to tolerate his presence in our midst,’ said the judge.

‘How could that come about?’

Andrew Percy, Tory MP for Brigg and Goole, also expressed his shock.

‘This just goes to show what many of us say about the immigration system in this country,’ he said. ‘We follow the rules while other countries just ignore them. Read More

(Penny finally dropped, has it?)