Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bernie Ecclestone 'Go to Syria, it's more important than here'

In the wake of Force India personnel being caught up in a petrol-bomb incident en route to Manama from the Bahrain International Circuit on Wednesday, Sauber have now confirmed members of their staff also witnessed trouble last night.

However, both Ecclestone and the Bahraini authorities have insisted the race goes on.
A Sauber statement read: "Yesterday night at 20:30hrs a minibus of the Sauber team left the circuit to go back to the Novotel in Manama.

"At 20:50hrs the 12 mechanics on that bus noticed fire on the medial strip of the highway.

"The traffic was slow, cars had their hazard flashers on. On the opposite lane there was no traffic.

"The team members saw a few masked people running from there over to their lane where a bottle was burning as well.

"The minibus moved to the very right side of the highway and went past the situation. No-one from the Sauber team was hurt." Read More