Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bee Attack in Nightclub Parking Lot Sends 2 to Hospital, San Diego, California

A swarm of bees sent two people to the hospital Tuesday afternoon after being stung in parking lot of Lydia's Cafe and Nightclub, a San Diego Fire-Rescue dispatcher said.

The two injured people who were not identified were transported to Scripps Chula Vista. A Fire-Rescue medic was also stung.

Luc Gomez said bees have been a problem where the attack occurred Tuesday since she moved into the Bayside Palms Mobile Home Village with her family and one-year-old son more than a year ago. She believes there is a hive nearby.

"I can't even get out of my car right now cause they're right there," said Gomez. Though the incident occurred in San Diego, she was in the IB City Hall parking lot an hour after to seek the help of Animal Control Officer Arturo Cuevas. Read More