Saturday, April 21, 2012

'Bahraini Protester Found Dead After Clashes' .... £25m to Stage the Event so doubt the killing of a protester is High on their list

An anti-government protester has been found dead after clashes overnight with police in Bahrain ahead of Sunday's grand prix, according to the opposition party Wefaq.

It said the body of Salah Abbas Habib, who was in his 30s, was found on the roof of a building in the village of Shakhoura.

Wefaq claimed Habib was part of a group who were beaten by police during the clashes, late on Friday night.

A spokesman for the government, which has deployed armoured vehicles onto the streets of the capital Manama, declined to comment.

Around 50,000 activists gathered in the capital Manama on Friday as Formula One drivers took to the track of Bahrain International Circuit, just 25 miles away. Read More

Bahrain: Facts
  • :: Bahrain's royal family owns 40% of the McLaren F1 racing team.
  • :: The F1 race is Bahrain's premier international event and it has cost the kingdom an estimated £25m to stage.
  • :: The Grand Prix drew 100,000 visitors to the nation and generated $500m in spending when it was last held two years ago.
  • :: The event is expected to draw a worldwide TV audience of about 100m in 187 countries.