Tuesday, April 17, 2012

As bomber openly walks the streets, what WAS the point of doing freedom deal in secret?

The convicted terrorist released from prison early after becoming an Al Qaeda supergrass has made a mockery of the secret arrangement by flaunting his freedom, it emerged yesterday.

Saajid Muhammad Badat, 33, jailed for 13 years for plotting to blow up a transatlantic jet, has been seen in his home city of Gloucester ‘loads of times’ since he was set free two years ago.

Incredibly, he even sought a character reference from a local councillor, tried to land a job as a children’s sport coach and wants to advise youngsters on the dangers of being brainwashed by extremists.

Under the terms of his controversial release, probation officers stopped monitoring him a year ago and he is a free man.

The revelations intensified the row over Badat being secretly let out of jail in March 2010. His early release was revealed by Scotland Yard and the Crown Prosecution Service only on Monday.

A key issue justifying the clandestine court proceedings which paved the way for the former grammar school boy’s freedom was the ‘personal safety’ of Badat.

Officials were concerned that he could be at risk because he had agreed to testify against a suspected terrorist in the U.S.

Yet the former Islamic fundamentalist, who planned to blow up a plane in a co-ordinated attack with fellow Briton Richard Reid in December 2001, turned down the offer of a new identity and has made no effort to disguise the fact he is back on the streets. Read More