Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ambassador Wives Appeal To Syria's First Lady

The wives of the British and German ambassadors to the United Nations have written an open letter to the wife of Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad, asking her to call for peace in her country.

In the unusual move, Sheila Lyall Grant, wife of British ambassador Sir Mark Lyall Grant, and Huberta Voss Wittig, wife of German ambassador Peter Wittig, made the letter in to a short video.

The video has been posted on YouTube, urging women all over the world to sign a petition demanding Asma al Assad "stand up for peace... for the sake of your people".

"We are asking Asma Assad to take a risk... and to say openly, stop the bloodshed, stop it right now," Ms Lyall Grant and Ms Vos Wittig say.

As of Tuesday evening, the petition had more than 2,000 signatures. Read More

Note: Doesn't Peace work both ways? the opposition have made it clear they will not put their weapons down even if the military does. During the 1st day of supposed peace they blew up 24 police men, do they not deserve to live?

There have been several petitions for Assad to step down, with the most reaching 182 signatures, It would be interesting to see petitions where the Syrian People ask for Assad to step down, if anyone knows where to find them please leave a comment or email us.

Remember there are over 20 Million people in Syria, 182 signatures doesn't match what the news is reporting, if only 1% of the Syrian people wanted Assad gone wouldn't they of taken up arms and started fighting? 200.000 Syrians fighting would be noticed on youtube, maybe I Missed it please send it through it you have.

Just like Libya the people of Syria who tell another story to what we want to hear they are going ignored, why do we condone the slaughter from rebels, militia, when even human rights Organizations have made it clear that even the rebels are guilty of torture and murder and war crimes.

People are dying, soldiers, rebels, women, men and children should this not be the focus? or Is the international community's only focus to rid of another Government?

Like in Libya where is the international community now? Thousands are being held, tortured and killed, Our governments write reports, demand change and do a lot of talking about human rights in Libya, but are they actually doing anything? I thought we cared about the people of Libya? If this is the way we will leave the Syrian people, I doubt they would want our help.