Friday, April 13, 2012

20 tons of oil leak off southern Italian coast‎

ROME, April 12 (Xinhua) -- Some 20 tons of fuel oil were spilled into the sea from a freighter near the Italian southern port city of Taranto on Thursday.

A pool of about 800 square meters has appeared on the sea because of the oil spill. Coast Guard personnel, with the help of professional company, have circumscribed the contaminated area with floating barriers and stared the operation of cleaning up oil spillage.

Some eight tons of the leaked fuel have been cleaned up till now, according to local news agency Ansa. However, it will take several days to complete all the reclamation work.

The fuel oil was leak from a freighter flying the Panamanian flag, which is moored at the cargo port of Taranto for unloading of material. Coast Guard personnel have made an inspection and found oily spotting on the shell of the ship. Source