Thursday, March 29, 2012

Woman is DECAPITATED by lorry in hit-and-run... and workmen post sick pictures of her body on Twitter

A woman was decapitated by a 40-ton truck in a hit-and-run tragedy today - as witnesses took sick photos of her on their mobile phones.

The victim is believed to have fallen into the path of the articulated lorry as it travelled through the rush hour. The HGV driver then drove off without stopping.

Police were called to the scene at 10am on Upper Brook Street in Longsight, Manchester, to find the woman’s body parts strewn across the road.

But as the tragedy unfolded passers-by whipped out their phones and began taking pictures of the grisly scene before posting them on social networking site Twitter.

Eye witnesses claimed builders working on a nearby site had also filmed the death taking place. One picture on Twitter showing the woman’s severed leg was later deleted.

The trucker has now been arrested on suspicion of murder after his vehicle was pulled over by police at a side street near a council tip three miles from the death scene.

Officers are now investigating whether the victim jumped to her death from an office block during the morning rush hour and fell into the path of the truck. Read More