Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Voice Of The Falklands Recalls Invasion

Thirty years ago this week Argentinian forces attacked the Falkland Islands, starting a war which would last 74 days and claim more than 1,000 lives on both sides.

On the night of the invasion radio broadcaster Patrick Watts was ordered by the islands' governor to stay on air and keep residents informed about what was happening.

"At around two o'clock the Governor Rex Hunt called me and said all attempts to stop the Argentines invading the Falklands had failed and we can expect them by dawn," Patrick said.

"Those words hit me hard and I started to shake pretty hard."

But he continued broadcasting. As the assault started worried islanders called in relaying what they could see - tanks, troops and the Argentinian flag flying.

But Patrick remembers one caller in particular, who said: "I can see the stars."

Patrick told him: "For goodness sake don't stay outside. Get inside."

The man responded: "No, I am looking through the roof. There is a hole in the roof." more