Sunday, March 25, 2012

US Pays Out To Afghan Victims, Says Report

Up to $50,000 (£31,500) has been paid to relatives of each of the 17 victims killed in a shooting rampage allegedly by a US soldier, according to Afghan government officials.

And each of the people wounded has been given $11,000 (£6,900), the officials say.

The families of those either shot or injured were given the money at a private ceremony on Saturday at the Kandahar provincial governor's office, according to the reports.

The funds were provided by the US military, the officials said, adding that American officers, local government leaders and tribal elders were present at the event.

Local government officials in Kandahar declined to comment and, in Kabul, a spokesman for the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force declined to confirm any payment had been made.

"As a matter of policy ISAF does not make restitution for losses resulting from combat, combat-related activities or operational necessity," he said.

"Individual troop-contributing nations may participate in some form of restitution consistent with the cultural norms of Afghanistan."

Such payments are normally kept confidential, he added. Read More