Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Toulouse Footage of the Murders Sent to French Media

Disturbing video footage shot by Toulouse gunman Mohammed Merah as he killed his victims emerged in Paris tonight.

TV company Al Jazeera received the horrifying images on a computer memory stick send to their offices in the French capital.

The video has been edited into a 'montage' accompanied by an Islamic war songs, and was sent in a package post-dated March 21 - the day before 23-year-old Merah was killed by French special forces in his home city.

Investigators have already confirmed that Merah had a small video camera strapped to his chest when he murdered a Rabbi and his two children, as well as a teenage pupil, at a Jewish school in Toulouse a week ago.

The week before, the self-confessed 'Jihad warrior' also filmed his murders of three French soldiers who had fought in Afghanistan.

Both Al-Jazeera and Le Parisien newspaper confirmed that the video footage had been seen in Paris.

An unnamed source in Le Parisien, Paris's daily newspaper, said: 'Investigators are trying to find out whether the letter was posted Tuesday night by Mohamed Merah himself or by an accomplice on Wednesday morning.' Read More