Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thailand Firework Factory Explodes

A blaze at a firework factory in Thailand has sparked explosions, forcing residents and passers-by to run for their lives.

Blasts from the building set alight nearby trees and bushes as the fire spread to four of the factory's warehouses storing fireworks.

None of the 65 workers employed by Pacific Pyro Co Ltd, which owns the building, are believed to have been on site at the time of the incident, according to Thai newspaper Pattaya Mail.

It took more than 20 fire engines around two hours to control the blaze, which is thought to have started in a front office.

The factory is situated in the Kang Koi district of Saraburi, 72 miles northeast of the Thai capital, Bangkok.

Homes within 1.8 miles of the site were evacuated.

One firefighter was injured tackling the blaze when the roof of a warehouse collapsed.

No other casualties were reported. Read More