Saturday, March 31, 2012

Susan Powell's blood found at her home after disappearance as it is revealed she wrote of fears over husband Josh.....And they Never Arrested Him!

The blood of a missing woman was found at the home she shared with her husband, who later Killed himself and the couple's sons, it emerged on Friday.

It was also revealed that Susan Powell wrote a note in her will expressing fears over her husband Josh and suggesting that she might face a suspicious death.

The files raise further questions about why Mr Powell was never charged in her disappearance before he killed himself and their two young sons in a gas-fueled inferno in Washington state earlier this year.

Investigators in West Valley City, Utah, never arrested Josh Powell or even publicly labeled him as a suspect in his wife's disappearance.

A prosecutor in Washington state who was getting a first look at the files Friday said if it was his case, he would have charged Josh Powell with murder.

'There is direct evidence. There is circumstantial evidence. There is motive,' said Pierce County prosecutor Mark Lindquist. 'There is everything but the body.'

The documents, used as justification to search the home where Josh Powell was staying last year, detail a widespread case that investigators had built against him.

Shortly after Susan Powell disappeared, authorities found blood evidence on a floor next to a sofa and determined that it was Susan Powell's. The sofa appeared to have been recently cleaned, and two fans had been set up to blow on it.

Investigators found several life insurance policies on Susan Powell that totaled $1.5million and determined that Josh Powell had filed paperwork to withdraw her retirement account money about 10 days after her disappearance.

The documents describe Josh Powell as unwilling to help in the investigation.

A safety deposit box used by Susan Powell had a hand-written letter titled 'Last will & testament for Susan Powell,' according to the documents. She wrote in that letter that she did not trust her husband and that they'd been having marital troubles for four years.

The letter also said that 'if Susan Powell dies it may not be an accident, even if it looks like one,' according to the documents. Read More