Friday, March 23, 2012

Stuartburn grass fire continues to burn, fire crews standing by, Canada

A wildfire that burned out of control in the RM of Stuartburn Thursday was still smoldering Friday.

The blaze is one of many grass fires that have been flaring up around the province this week.

Provincial officials dispatched multiple fire crews to battle the blaze that had worsened in the RM of Stuartburn area Thursday.

The fire tore through Dean and Sara Wall's backyard, destroying buildings on their farm and leaving behind a charred mess.

"We lost a number of buildings," Sara said. "We lost a 100-year-old barn – one of the reasons we bought the property."

The ordeal began Wednesday, Sara said, when the fire in Stuartburn reignited after fire crews brought it under control.

The fire was on their doorstep by morning, Sara said. Five separate fire departments then worked to save the Wall's home and five other homes that were affected by the fire. An air-tanker was also dispatched to drop fire retardant, said the province.

"It's black all around us. They save the house. They saved everything important," said Dean. Read More