Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sham wedding fixers jailed... but mother who recruited bogus brides at school gates skips sentencing and goes on the run

A mother who recruited women outside her children’s school to take part in one of Britain’s biggest ever sham marriage plots was jailed with her partner yesterday.

Andzelina Surmaj befriended the Eastern European women at the school gate before Milan Cina matched them with Nigerian illegal immigrants who paid thousands for a marriage certificate enabling them to stay in Britain.

The couple, who both came to Britain from Eastern Europe, passed only a fraction of the money to the brides, keeping the rest – as much as £26,000 – for themselves.

So far 32 ‘brides’ and ‘grooms’ involved in the scam have been locked up for a total of 33-and-a-half years, with many facing deportation. Read More