Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Richard Tyrone Garibay 'tortured and burned' his pregnant girlfriend,....Did he also Murder her Brother and two friends?

Three friends were murdered in a quiet, suburban California house next to a golf course Saturday and police have arrested the boyfriend of the lone survivor, who cowered in a closet during the rampage.

Richard Tyrone Garibay, 21, was charged with allegedly kidnapping and torturing the unnamed woman, 18, just weeks before the brutal shooting early Saturday.

Authorities have not publicly connected Garibay to the shootings in Modesto, but he was tracked down by officers and jailed for the previous incident the day after the bodies were found. He is currently being held on $1.18 million bail.

Edward Reinig, 31, was found gunned down inside his two-story home on a peaceful Modesto block Saturday morning. Along side him were the bodies of his girlfriend, Alyxandria Tellez, 19, and David Siebels, 16, the little brother of his roommate's fiance.

The sole survivor was Siebel's pregnant 18-year-old sister, who hid in a closet during the rampage. Read More